A much lighter weight system that has more efficient flow and shows a noticeable improvement in throttle response whilst enhancing that sports car sound.

Our system offers an enhanced experience. At lower engine speeds it produces a wonderful deep tone, with volume and pitch increasing in direct proportion to rpm climaxing in a robust race car howl at the red line.

Our Titan Sport option is recommended for the true enthusiast who wants to optimise the experience.

Our Active Titan Sport system is designed with valves, when engaged the sound remains relatively civilised and yet when open they provide the same presence and volume as our system without valves.

Both systems have a Titanium silencer and thin-gauge Stainless Steel tube to achieve a combination of the lightest possible weight with strength and durability.

- Wonderful crisp race car sound.

- Valved 'Active' option available.

- Huge reduction in weight with Titanium silencer casing.

- Improved throttle response.

- Retains original tips to keep the look.






27.8 kilos ~ 61 lbs

10.2 kilos ~ 22 lbs

17.6 kilos ~ 38.7 lbs



Lamborghini Gallardo Titan inc. Active Sport Exhaust